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No time for mum

Exercising after you have had a baby,would firstly seem impossible and secondly feel well, impossible!! For a number of reason, exercise can fall very low on the priority list for most mums.  High on the list is feeding the baby, housework, changing the baby and finding 5 minutes to eat, does that sound familiar??

Plan for no energy days

The problem is, as a mum, you are so constantly exhausted, that you simply do not feel like you have the energy or time to even think for a minute that you will take a time out to exercise.  Planning is the key to combating the days where you can barely lift a cup of tea let alone a dumb bell.   Trust me, you are not alone when you have those days, where you want to lock the front door, turn up the heating and cuddle into your baby all day.  This is absolutely fine, however it can leave you feeling even more lethargic afterwards.

If you are too tired to exercise, don’t put any pressure on yourself, just have a plan to do something else that is less strenuous, like a long stroll with your baby, or a low impact workout for 15 mins.  Remember something is better than nothing and that little something you do, will give you that release you will need to make you feel better mentally and physically.

Exercises to do when you are too tired or have little time. 

  • Lunge back and when you you bring your legs back together, throw in a knee lift.  Use lightweights to make this harder. 15-20 reps, x2 sets
  • Squat with light weights and shoulder press when you stand upright, 15-20 reps, x2 sets
  • split squat with pulses, bicep curling at the same time, 15-20 reps, x2 sets
  • press up on all fours, 15 reps, x2 sets
  • pelvic tilts, 15-20 reps, x2 sets

That is a quick low impact work out, that will stimulate your muscles and release those much loved endorphin’s.  You can repeat that round up to 3 times, giving yourself plenty of rest when you need it.

Local classes

If would prefer to get out and mix with other like minded mums, but do not want the stress of leaving your baby, come along to the Mum and baby sensory circuits.  Your baby can play, while you work out.  Everyone is a winner! Get in touch for more details here.


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