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No motivation to exercise alone

Finding the time to exercise when you have a young baby is tiring and exhausting.  I find I have more energy in the mornings, as the the day goes on my eyes seems to close more and more each hour, until I eventually look like I’m sleeping standing up!

Costly for childcare

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself at home and rely on the energy of the others, it can become really expensive to exercise for a Mum.  Not only do you have to pay out for a class, but you also have to in most cases pay for child care too.

Combine your fitness with your baby

This is how Mum’s & Baby Sensory Fitness Circuits in Plymouth came about.  I thought, why not include the most precious part of a Mum’s life, eradicating any fears of separation anxiety and eliminating child care costs, surely this is a win/win for Mum!

Fun group sessions

The class is structured so that the baby can enjoy sensory play and the Mum can have fun without the guilt of being away from her baby (and yes exercising can be fun!!)

If you want to meet new Mum’s and reap the rewards from the many benefits of exercise, please get in contact for class info:




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    • Mrs Felton-Dolecki
    • 6th January 2017

    Thank you Danielle for a fantastic fitness session yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed it along with my baby she loved playing with all the sensory toys ! it’s great to get back into fitness at your own pace and not have to have any extra worries about childcare! It’s been a long time waiting for a class like this to come about incorporating fitness with your baby! It was also a great bonding session for me and my daughter.
    Thanks again Danielle !

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