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The general perception of a diet is that you have to eat minimal to lose weight.  Diets have become a negative connotation of food suppression, followed by phrases like ‘oh hell, i’m taking these jeans back, I didn’t order muffin tops, i’m going on a diet’.

Good & Bad Diets

Your diet is what you eat daily, some people have a poor diet, some people have a well balanced diets.  The only food you need to eat less of is that high in saturated fat and sugar.  This doesn’t mean, you do not eat it at all, just try to keep it within 5% of your diet.  If you eat the right type of carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and protein, you can’t go too wrong, but you’ve all that before right??

When I was younger, believe me when I say I tried every fad diet out there.  Being young and naive, I would cut out evening meals for a snack and certainly wouldn’t let carbs pass my lips, oh how wrong I was!!!  If I only knew then what I know now, I could have saved months of feeling starved, not to mention moody and irritable (that explains my short lived relationships!).


Having a balanced diet means you will not crave the food high in sugar and saturated fats as much.  If you fancy something sweet, find an alternative that doesn’t have as much sugar, that way the chance of sustaining a healthy balanced diet is more achievable.  Try not set yourself an unrealistic goal, by cutting it out altogether, as that will make you think of food constantly because you are not eating enough and feel deprived.  Keep healthy snacks and vary them so you don’t get bored.  The benefits of healthy eating are massive and have an immediate effect on your every day life.  You will not feel so sluggish,  mood, energy levels will all improve and you will feel a sense of achievement.

If you would like more help or advice, please feel to contact me.  Remember you live once, enjoy everything in moderation 🙂

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