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For those of you who do not already know, Mental Health Awareness week starts 8th-14th May.  To help raise awareness for Postnatal depression and anxiety in the postnatal period, Life Remedy is holding a free event for Mum’s to come along with their baby and join in on a free sensory circuit session and enjoy a free cup of tea and a homemade healthy treat afterwards.

Motherhood comes with an emotional rollacoaster of a ride, where it can be the most overwhelmingly, fantastic experience but also the most isolating and anxious time.  Mum’s whom experience the latter think they are alone and feel uncomfortable talking about their feelings and can end up in some cases seriously ill.

It is surprising how a little exercise and social interaction with other Mums’s, who may feel the same as you, can completely lift your mood and change your day.

If you know of any postnatal Mum’s who may be feeling a little low, please encourage them to come along.

The circuit class is VERY gentle, it will  be fun and it is only for 20 minutes and if that’s not enough, bring your you and your baby along for a free cup of tea, treat and a chat.

There will be a competition on the day, where some lucky Mum will be in for the chance to win a house clean, something that Mothers with young babies rarely get that chance to do.

If you would like to donate to the cause if you are unable to attend, please do so here

To book onto this event please complete your details here.


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