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Battles of motherhood

You have carried your child for 9 months and everybody tells you, that when your child is born, the most rewarding job you’ll ever do is becoming a Mother.  This is very true, but what people forget to tell you, is that it is also the toughest job you’ll ever do, emotionally and physically.  They may also miss out that you’ll never get weekends, week nights or even lunch breaks!!

It’s normal to feel hard done by

Proceeding through the first few months without a break can absolutely exhaust even a marathon runner.  So why are Mums so hard on themselves, if they feel like they can no longer carry on?  Not every Mum is fortunate to have help at hand from extended family or friends, so tackling day to day jobs, like washing, changing nappies, washing, cooking, cleaning, washing and not sure if I mentioned washing is all a little too much to deal with.  The good news is you are not alone!!

Isolation is highest in new Mums

Leaving the house can feel such a chore that often Mums with young babies will stay in and avoid venturing outside the house.  It can feel so overwhelming preparing bottles, your mind, change of clothes, a quick shower, that some Mums feel more settled just staying in and isolating themselves from the outside world.  Although the easier option is to stay put, it certainly is not the best option.  Isolating yourself can actually have a detrimental effect.  Not allowing yourself fresh air, social exclusion, lack of exercise can lead to low mood and possibly other perinatal mental health conditions.

Benefits of getting out

Evidence shows that adults who venture outside in natural fresh-air, are happier and more balanced.  Vitamins N, FA, D and S are all free and you get them from just being outside.  Low levels of vitamin D are linked to depression, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis and even cancer.  What a great excuse to get you and your baby outside!

Now for the social part.  Being around other Mums, is a great way to prevent isolation and gain peer support for the days you feel like you need a good old chat.  Baby groups may not be everybody’s cup of tea, as they can often be a little intimidating.  These groups may be great to stimulate your baby, but what does Mum get from it, apart from awkwardly making conversation, in search for new friends.  Other than the social aspect, there are very little benefits for mum.  Boosting your mood during the postnatal period is a vital part of looking after yourself during a very challenging time.  There a few actions you could put into place to ensure that you are looking after yourself, which in turn helps the whole family.  You are the oracle of the house hold remember that!

Benefits of exercise

How about combining the benefits of exercise, mixing with other Mums and stimulating your babies.  Yes that’s right, such a thing does exist and whats more it’s FREE.  Exercise can help improve your sleep, your mood, self-esteem, more energy, stronger resilience and can all fit into your busy schedule as a Mum.

Life Remedy provides free sessions to help support postnatal Mums and their babies.  If you would like to feel the affects from gentle exercise, meet new Mums and let your baby enjoy playtime, please contact us.

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