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The classes offer a place for new mums to talk, exercise and bring their babies.

A Plymouth women‘s charity has been given funding for one-of-a-kind exercise classes to support women who have recently given birth.

New perinatal sessions are being held across the city and in Saltash to combat mental health and low mood in new mums.

Life Remedy, the Plymouth based woman’s charity, say mums have been crying out for the sessions, which they managed to secure through £9,000 of funding.

Danielle Mathers who leads the free exercise classes, is hoping more women will be encouraged to come forward and understand that it is not a bad thing to feel low – and that many new mums – including herself – have been there.

34-year-old Danielle said: “There is a huge need for this type of thing in the Plymouth area. Other than women going to see their doctor there was nothing around for them.

“We have had such a warm response to the classes over the last six weeks and have been told by some ladies that they had been waiting so long for a class like this.

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