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Life Remedy is pleased to welcome our newest instructors Aly, Nadia and Mikayla.  They will be bringing a wealth of experience not only as coaches but also as mothers.


Pilates is a fantastic class to help build your core strength and is suitable for beginners.  This is a specialist class designed to help pregnancy (pregnancy Pilates class) and help recovery during your postnatal period (postnatal Pilates).   If you have never tried Pilates but would like to give it ago, you will most definitely be amongst the majority in the class.

You will use a mixture of dumbbells, bands, mat work, balls and body weight, giving you more variety to keep you stimulated.  Come along with or without your baby and have fun meeting other expecting or new Mums.


Boxing is a great stress reliever when you are feeling sleep deprived and frustrated.  This class is very light and gentle and also incorporates exercises to help rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor.  It is a really fun session and a great way to come and meet other Mums and feel empowered while your baby enjoys play time.  If you have never worn gloves or pads before, you are going to love this.

Move & Meet

Leaving the house and joining any of the free classes is the perfect excuse to stimulate your mind and your body.  Staying in all day every day can you lead you down a vicious road to isolation.  So why not challenge yourself to try something you haven’t done before and have fun while you’re doing it.  Making new friends is never easy, however coming along to a structured session, which allows you to chat while you’re moving is the most conducive way to build new friendships.

Please get in touch if you would like to book on to any of the classes 07455 198380



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