About This Lesson

Trying to exercise after you have just had a baby, is probably not only terrifying, but absolutely exhausting to most.  With sleep deprivation taking over your life most days, exercise may not be very high on your priority list.  To be honest, a huge achievement for most is getting through the days and successfully completing 8-12 feeds.

The challenge of Motherhood

Well, you are definitely not alone, if you feel like Motherhood is one of  the most challenging times of your life.  Everything you do, from this point on, will be for your baby and you will naturally put so much pressure on yourself. and eventually end up feeling pretty run down.   Do not forget how important you are too.  How about you???  Why do you not do anything for you???

Do something for you

Mum’s tend to do everything for everybody else, but never give themselves a second thought.  It’s great you want to go to 10 baby groups just to get out the house, but why not participate in a group that actually helps you!  When you are feeling low, that can have a rippling effect.  If you feel great, well that’s the core of happiness right?  Let’s concentrate on you and what could contribute to making you feel a little better.

Exercise is key

As already mentioned, finding time to exercise may not be that easy, but perhaps you are thinking of long gym sessions or high impact classes, which quite frankly would put any tired person off let alone a postnatal Mum.  Exercise is however a proven aid to help boost your mood and release those happy little endorphin’s, which give us a quick fix of that feel good factor.  Low mood in the postnatal period is  very common and to try and prevent those feelings from escalating, there are a number of remedies that can help.  The most obvious being exercise.

We understand you will not want to leave your precious little baby, so we have designed a session, where you can bring your baby along with you.  This way, you eradicate any guilt or anxiety of leaving your baby to do something for yourself.  Your baby is also stimulated by the sensory toys, whilst you participate in a gentle circuit.  This is a win/win environment for both you and baby!

Gentle & fun way back into exercise

The structure of the session involves fun games, so you barely feel like you are exercising, along with very gentle exercises that help build the muscles that may have been underused during pregnancy.  There are also exercises that involve your baby, which promotes bonding and again stimulates your baby.

Free sessions and Free Paediatric First Aid

The sessions run at the Salavation Army, in Whitleigh every Thursday @ 10:00am and also on a Wednesday at Keyham Methodist Community Centre, Keyham.  The sessions are free for postnatal women, who feel they could do with a little feel good aid, during a period which can be pretty overwhelming with hormones, tiredness and pressure.  Not only will the sessions help with self esteem, but participants will also receive a free paediatric first aid course, which will help increase your confidence when caring for your baby, if an unforeseen accident or emergency happened.

If you would like to benefit from the sessions, please call Danielle on 07455 198380 or email liferemedy4u@gmail.com for a call back, as booking is essential.

We look forward to helping you on your journey through motherhood.

This project is funded by Postcode Lottery.



Thursday 10:00AM - 10:30AM


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