Are you a Mum or pregnant?

Hey, I'm Danielle, thank you for visiting my site and well done for finding the motivation to search for a trainer. I can imagine you struggle to find anytime for yourself let alone exercise! Most Mums put themselves very low on the priority list, especially if you are in the postnatal period and are caring for the demands of a young baby. Well do you know what... you should put yourself first, after all it is you that is keeping the family together.
If you are not feeling great, that can ricochet through the whole family.

Specialist muscle strengthening just for Mums

We all have the excess baby weight that we plan on losing, that can stick around for months or years. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as your new body has produced your beautiful children.
Do you know if you have actually healed properly after having a baby? Sometimes that so called 'Mummy pouch' could be a result of Diastasis Recti. With the correct training programme this can be corrected.

If DR is untreated, your body will be forced to rely on other muscles to stabilize the pelvis, leading to:

• Back pain
• Pelvic pain
• Incontinence
• Pelvic organ prolapse(“My insides feel like they’re falling out”)
• A “mummy tummy” that never goes away

There are so many programmes out there that can be detrimental to healing your muscles properly. I am a specialist trainer and I will always ensure your programme is designed to strengthen your deep core muscles safely

Tailored Programmes away from a busy gym, in your home or in a private studio

There are so many barriers to exercise already like childcare. We are already riddled with so much guilt for not ironing the school uniform or showering in the last two days that you don't want to add to it by finding a creche for an hour so you can exercise.

Simple solution, bring them with you! Another barrier we are all too familiar with is walking into a gym for the first time and you feel hundreds of eyeballs glaring at you, especially if you are a little unsure of what you are doing. This is why I design programmes from my private, well equipped cabin in Plymstock, Plymouth or from you own home, if you really can't get out.

Personal Training sessions start from £28 with a free initial consultation. You will receive nutrition ideas and discounts for block bookings. If you have a buddy to train with sessions start at £18 each.

Please feel free to call for a chat and discuss your requirements. I am a postnatal and antenatal specialist trainer in Plymouth. It doesn't matter how long ago you had a baby, 6 weeks or 7 years, when you're a Mum, you are under different stresses and your programmes need to be designed to accommodate that. Lastly please do not worry, I certainly not go all Military bootcamp on your butt, slow and steady wins the race!!

Danielle 07455 198380 or use the contact form below ;)

'NEW YEAR, NEW YEAR' special package price from £25 per session.

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