“I absolutely love baby circuits.  It’s exercise that’s so much fun I don’t even realise I’m working out much better than going to the gym and I get to interact with my little girl too instead of putting her in the creche.  Its probably one of the only times I will get to play musical chairs and tag and not feel guilty for having some fun as I know my Daughter is happy playing with all the sensory toys too.  I was about 5 weeks postnatal when I started the class and it’s worked wonders for my body and my mind.  Everyone said after my second child it would take a lot longer to get my figure back but 14 weeks on and I’m nearly there.  Each week although I know every muscle in my body is going to hurt even muscles I didn’t know I had I look forward to my Friday morning work out.  Danielle is great motivation too.”

Holly Mullard,


“I have been going to the post natal fitness classes for three weeks now and even in that short period of time I’ve noticed small but positive changes to my fitness levels and the way I see myself. The classes are fun but very effective – where else can you race inflatable horses?! Only four months after giving birth to my second child I don’t want to be in a fiercely competitive environment (although you didn’t see dodgeball last week!). I have wobbly bits (many more than I’d like) and my body has recently created a whole new person and is still nourishing her which is a massive achievement! My body deserves a little attention and I deserve a something to make me feel better about myself in these tricky post-partum months. Most of the fitness classes that I have been to in the past are not at all toddler or baby friendly but this is different. No being called away during the bed time routine and no laboriously expressing breast milk so that I can just have an hour to look after me. Instead I bring the little ones along. They get to play with a variety of sensory activities and I get to dedicate some time for me. Win / win! My babies need me to be fit, healthy and happy in order to be the best mummy that I can be to them. I recommend that other mums come and check it out for themselves!”

Stacey Clemments,


“I’ve really enjoyed the fitness sessions that have been taking place at the core, the session is welcoming and friendly not too long and suits everyone’s ability. Perfect for new mums with the  chance to meet new mums and babies to make new friends. I love that my baby can play safely with others and suitable toys are provided during the session which is very convenient. I’m really grateful to be able to work towards getting back into shape after pregnancy at my own pace and with my baby by my side. It’s a lovely group with a rewarding outcome each time. I always come away feeling positive and glowing”

Charlotte Stare.


“I love coming to these classes, it gives structure to my week as I know il be catching up with a friend which I think is important after having a baby for your mental state.
The lady who runs the class is experienced, friendly and down to earth.
I had a C Section birth and sometimes my wound will ache with certain exercises, the instructor will always give an alternative, whilst still pushing myself.
There is a safe toy area for the little ones, which they seem to enjoy too.”

Jane Jackson


“I’ve been coming to the postnatal classes for several weeks and absolutely love it.  Not only is it helping me with my fitness it’s helping mentally as I’m interacting with other mums, it’s a class we can go to and feel relaxed as we can bring our babies and if they aren’t being angels no one cares!
While I was pregnant I had very bad spd at 28 weeks which resulted in being house bound for a month and there after only walking small distances. I found even months after birth my legs would ache and I couldn’t carry my 3yr old daughter as it was to much weight straining on my lower body. I use the exercises Danielle provides at home and I’m feeling stronger already, being able to take the children up to bed I’d a little thing but means so much.
Danielle herself Is a lovely coach, full of energy and so supportive with everyone and their current abilities. The classes are really fun and we all laugh, I didn’t think i’d ever be playing dodge ball or hula hooping again! It’s a great class where we can all relax and feel comfortable, but also helping our bodies with postnatal exercises.”

Michelle Cartlidge
“Life remedy’s post natal classes have changed my life. Not only is it a fun way to get fit with your baby, but it’s the ultimate mood lifter. You’re  automatically welcomed with a friendly atmosphere and there are no expectations, you train at your own pace. The classes have been a great way to communicate with other mums and share stories, this can be so beneficial, especially to those who feel that they are on their own after having their child. It’s such a breath of fresh air to find a class specifically designed for mums and their little ones. The classes consists of fun warm ups, circuit based training and team based work. Life remedys post natal classes have everything, a gentle nudge back into getting your confidence back after you’ve had a baby! We all encourage one another and the whole thing just works!”

Rochelle Jones

“The baby fitness classes have helped to regain my confidence, strength and socialise with other mums in the same boat. When I first started attended the baby classes I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I was really surprised how good they were. I had just had a baby, I had no childcare but wanted to exercise to feel good again. I also felt a bit intimidated about big classes and having extra baby weight how I might look next to other women. During this time I spent lots of my time alone with my baby and craved adult conversation. The classes meant that I could take my baby (not needing childcare) and socialise with people in a similar circumstance. The area set up for the babies each class is great and it explores all senses and Eden loves playing alongside other babies and with all the different toys. The exercises are great and work all different parts of the body concentrating on post pregnancy so not too overwhelming or hard to take in but enough to work up a sweat, release endorphins and feel like you have had a good workout. The fact that it is free is amazing as with a new baby it is so costly I had difficulty finding something cheap enough but this is good for me and Eden and no cost. I would definitely recommend these classes to my friends and I would definitely recommend Danielle who not only knows what she’s teaching but helps with the babies too where support is needed in class.”

Yasmine Shaw